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iJuly 18jNature

I once read that Montañita is a party town with a surfing problem. The surfing in Montanita has earned a spot on the international surfing circuit. Montañita also has a lot to offer its visitors, but seems particularly dedicated to attracting those who may be interested in partying. It seems like the kind of place that LMFAO or Andrew W.K. would just love; the kind of place where they could ... read more

Whale Watching in Ecuador

iJuly 1jNature

Wait a second!  Don’t go for a glass of water or a bathroom break.  This is not a commercial for Pacific Life insurance.  This is the real deal, and you can join us in Ecuador to enjoy this amazing spectacle.  Between June and October, Humpback whales are spending their time off the coasts of Ecuador and not in the waters near Antarctica.“Scientists” claim th... read more

A Magical Train Ride in Ecuador

iApril 29jNature

Hey Travellers!  Ready for a train ride?  I know you saw this train and thought to yourself, “What?  I thought that Hogwarts was in Great Britain!?”  Then you probably said, “That shade isn’t exactly scarlet…  Oh, and this is a blog about Ecuador, so that really doesn’t make any sense.”  You’re right.  That would... read more

Hide and Seek: 43 Years to Rediscover the Tandayapa Andean Toad

iFebruary 25jNature

MORE GREAT NEWS FROM QUITO, ECUADOR – A team of U.S. and Ecuadorian scientists have rediscovered a population of the once thought extinct Tandayapa Andean Toad (Andinophryne olallai). The Toad was rediscovered in the remote cloud forests of northwest Ecuador, after 43 years. Experts shared that this remarkable find is the beginning of the creation of some ... read more

Winter is HERE

iFebruary 7jNature

So, it turns out that Eddard Stark wasn’t lying. Winter was coming (if you’re not sure what I’m talking about, check out Game of Thrones). Winter has had its icy grip on much of the United States for months! With more bad news coming in everyday about all of the cold that is still coming our way, wouldn’t it be nice to be someplace warm? Someplace that doesn’t re... read more

Extinct Lizzard Found in Ecuador - Cloud Forest

iJanuary 22jNature

Scientists were amazed when discovering a creature that was thought to be extinct for decades. The lizard with a nose like Pinocchio is alive and is enjoying life in Ecuador's cloud forest. According to the lucky person that photographed the lizard, Alejandro Arteaga, many believed this was only a mythological creature. Reports date back to the 1950s describing the existence of the lizard in Mindo... read more

The Top of the World

iDecember 10jNature

Ecuador is a land of volcanoes. For many, a visit to Ecuador will not be completed without being captivated by the astonishing natural beauty of its dormant giant guardians. Ecuador's scenery has plenty to offer with 20 volcanoes along the Andes Mountains making this a unique destinationTraveling along the Occidental highway, you can appreciate several elevations and major geographic ref... read more

Relax Relax Relax

iDecember 9jNature

Ecuador is a country that will captivate you and a place where you can relax and become one with nature. One of our favorite site visits is to travel to Papallacta, a small mountain village famous for its natural thermal baths and hot springs. This village is located 40 miles from Quito. Traveling to this destination will make you feel in the set of a movie with an impressive and desolated An... read more

The Enigmatic Cloud Forest

iDecember 7jNature

Ecuador's reputation as a worldwide epicenter for nature and biodiversity truly positions this country as a must see destination. One of its most precious ecosystems is Mindo Cloud Forest. Located 2 hours from Quito, this place brings together a  subtropical forest cloud mountain forest and the high paramo. This is a great hiking adventure. Be ready to walk among clouds, given the a... read more