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It is Time for FUTBOL

iJune 11jNews

Guess who’s heading to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil this year?  Well, 32 teams are going! Not too mention the millions of fans showing up to Brazil, and the perhaps billion or so that will tune in to watch the final match (if you can believe FIFA’s estimates of the last World Cup).  We are also glad that Ecuador has once again made it to the world’s largest stage!&nb... read more

Who will get the Oscar this weekend? Everyone!

iMarch 2jNews

Well, not the 8.5 lbs, gold-plated one. Wolfgang Puck and his kitchen will be making five thousand smaller chocolate Oscars for the guests of the Academy Awards to chow down on after the event is over. Let’s be realistic, they’re going to need it. They have to show up early, walk the red carpet, get stopped by ten kinds of paparazzi, make uncomfortable small talk, sit uncomfortably f... read more

Happy Valentine’s Day from Ecuador

iFebruary 14jNews

Happy Valentine’s Day, travellers! Or, as they would say it in Ecuador, “ Feliz día de San Valentín!” I hope you’re all having a fantastic February the 14th. If, however, you find yourself alone today, don’t worry! In Ecuador Valentine’s Day is often called, “ el día del amor y de la amistad,” (the day of love and friendship). Valentine�... read more

Ecuador A Top Destination in the World

iAugust 30jNews

We couldn't be happier for National Geographic to select Quito as one of the top 10 destinations to visit this year! Quito is a city that welcomes visitors and will captivate them with all it has to offer. This city is the second highest in the world, sitting at 9,186 ft above the sea level. Its astonishing natural beauty is only compared by Quito's cosmopolitan looks contrasting with its col... read more