Who will get the Oscar this weekend? Everyone!

i March 2 j News
Oscar Chocolate

Well, not the 8.5 lbs, gold-plated one. Wolfgang Puck and his kitchen will be making five thousand smaller chocolate Oscars for the guests of the Academy Awards to chow down on after the event is over. Let’s be realistic, they’re going to need it. They have to show up early, walk the red carpet, get stopped by ten kinds of paparazzi, make uncomfortable small talk, sit uncomfortably for a few hours, and on top of that many of these people have been starving themselves for weeks prior to fit into their designer duds! That’s enough to work up anyone’s appetite. So, why bring this up? Well, guess where that gastronomical genius, Wolfgang, got the chocolate for all of these little golden men? That’s right - directly from Ecuador. He knows a thing or two about food, so you can bet they will be absolutely delicious. Honestly, though, they deserve some sort of award for having to smile graciously with a camera shoved in their face right after they’ve lost the real Oscar. That’s the real performance!