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Montañita Beach

I once read that Montañita is a party town with a surfing problem. The surfing in Montanita has earned a spot on the international surfing circuit. Montañita also has a lot to offer its visitors, but seems particularly dedicated to attracting those who may be interested in partying. It seems like the kind of place that LMFAO or Andrew W.K. would just love; the kind of place where they could just settle down to party forever in one place where like-minded individuals could come to party rock and/or party hard with them.

Not that there aren’t things for more discerning folks to partake in, also. Taking time to enjoy the beautiful sunsets as the party-goers head into the city, for instance. Or, heading to any of the many open-air cafes to sit and relax in. Montañita started out as a little town with just some local fisherman. Then during the 60s and influx of free-spirited folks arrived to the twon and truly gave this town a different vibe in the coast of Ecuador. Today, you can find all sorts of ex-pats living there from America, Argentina, Jamaica, Russia, Australia, Canada, Germany, and an assortment of other European countries. It’s a cultural epicenter with people from all over the globe. So, it’s no surprise that Montañita is chocked full of bars, restaurants and cafés that cater to all budgets and palettes from all over the world. For those of you who are looking for a little bit of a different Ecuadorian experience,Montañita may be the place you’ve been searching for.