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Cateogry: Heritage and Tradition

Guayasamin: The Picasso of the South

In 1919 one of Ecuador’s most famous sons was born.  Oswaldo Guayasamín was born in Quito to a poor Quecha father and Mestiza mother.  Guayasamín would later grow to become a phenomenal artist.  He used his humble beginnings to bring light to the life of his ancestors and people - much of his work focusing on class segregation, racism, and political oppression found in ... read more

Holy Week in Ecuador

In honor of Semana Santa “Holy Week” beginning today, I thought we could discuss how this tradition takes place in Ecuador. In a country with an overwhelming Catholic faith (over 95% of locals), Holy week is a time that brings to life several unique traditions.Central to the purpose of celebrating Holy Week, festivities start with the procession of Jesús del Gran Poder “Jesus ... read more

Que Viva el Carnaval

Hey travellers! This past week was Carnaval. Now, when you think of Carnaval, you probably think of Brazil, and no one would blame you for that. Most of us have heard about this impressive celebration! But if you wonder about what happens in other countries, today you can learn about how to have a great time and celebrate Carnaval in Ecuador. For a week before Lent begins, towns all across Ec... read more

Front Row: Traditional Dance

Travelers worldwide have discovered that Quito offers great scenic lookouts, colorful markets, impressive cathedrals, and a great local cuisine. However, it is also a city where art and culture must be experienced.Quito has several interactive museums that will introduce you to the past of this colonial city. However, we cannot forget that its people is what makes Ecuador such a welcomin... read more

Quito - An Architectonic Marvel

Quito was declared by the first city declared by the United Nations as a Cultural Patrimony of Mankind in 1978. What does this mean?When visitors arrive in Quito, they will encounter a beautiful city nested in a valley and surrounded by the Andes mountains. Quito has gained world-class recognition as a destination in the past few years from sources such as National Geographic,the New York Tim... read more