Que Viva el Carnaval


Hey travellers! This past week was Carnaval. Now, when you think of Carnaval, you probably think of Brazil, and no one would blame you for that. Most of us have heard about this impressive celebration! But if you wonder about what happens in other countries, today you can learn about how to have a great time and celebrate Carnaval in Ecuador. For a week before Lent begins, towns all across Ecuador are caught up in the celebration of Carnaval. Sure, there are parades and celebrations like other places in the world, but Ecuador takes it to the next level when it comes to fun. What is the next level of fun, you ask? Water balloons! Water balloons at the very beginning of March?! You mean ICE balloons?! Ouch! No thankfully. Don’t forget about that fantastic year-round weather. Water balloons, squirt guns and spray foam are used by every age of celebrator to help get other enthusiasts into the Carnaval spirit. Water balloons not your style? Head down to Ambato, where the water has been exchanged for flowers at a Fiesta de las Frutas y las Flores. But if you feel the need to go to Brazil, let loose, and “just experience life” because your Carnaval motto is YOLO and you end up on an episode of Locked Up Abroad, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Interested to see what Carnaval looks like in Ecuador? Check out this video of some kids getting into the spirit: