Guayasamin: The Picasso of the South


In 1919 one of Ecuador’s most famous sons was born.  Oswaldo Guayasamín was born in Quito to a poor Quecha father and Mestiza mother.  Guayasamín would later grow to become a phenomenal artist.  He used his humble beginnings to bring light to the life of his ancestors and people - much of his work focusing on class segregation, racism, and political oppression found in much of Latin American society. 

Visiting Guayasamín’s museum is one of our favorite sites when in Quito, and that’s saying something.  His work, which can focus on man’s history of cruelty, can also illustrate our penchant for greatness.  Having the opportunity to admire his work, you’re able to feel a huge mixture of emotions all in one place. As described by many of tour participants, this site visit was a deep spiritual journey. Guayasamín’s the kind of guy that maybe you’ve never heard of before, but once you’ve seen his work, you could never forget him again.

The next time you’re in Quito pop on over to his home/museum and his Chapel of Mankind.  You won’t regret it.