Quito - An Architectonic Marvel

i December 15 j Heritage and Tradition

Quito was declared by the first city declared by the United Nations as a Cultural Patrimony of Mankind in 1978. What does this mean?

When visitors arrive in Quito, they will encounter a beautiful city nested in a valley and surrounded by the Andes mountains. Quito has gained world-class recognition as a destination in the past few years from sources such as National Geographic,the New York Times, the L.A. Times, Frommer's and others have selected this destination in the TOP 10 list of places to visit this year.

Quito's fame is not without reason. Many consider Quito the most beautiful city in South America. Amongst many reasons, Quito has the best preserved colonial center in the world, depicted by striking colonial architecture, narrow cobblestone streets, and an impressive history. Amongst several destinations in the capital of Ecuador, the church of "La Compania," is a must see. This colonial church was built as the centerpiece jewel of the Kingdom of Quito, and today it is considered the most beautiful church in Latin America (compared in craft with the Sistine Chapel).

To visit Quito is a unique experience, welcoming visitors to a city that combines culture, architecture, food, tradition, welcoming people, and amazing weather year-round, with the the unmatchable beauty of the Andean landscape.