Happy Valentine’s Day from Ecuador

i February 14 j News
Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, travellers! Or, as they would say it in Ecuador, “ Feliz día de San Valentín!” I hope you’re all having a fantastic February the 14th. If, however, you find yourself alone today, don’t worry! In Ecuador Valentine’s Day is often called, “ el día del amor y de la amistad,” (the day of love and friendship). Valentine’s Day is, thankfully, more inclusive in Ecuador. The love that is celebrated today can be romantic, or not. Many Ecuadorians celebrate this day with their friends and family embracing a different kind of love, and I think that’s an idea we can all celebrate today. Ever wonder where the roses for/from your Valentine come from? Well, because of Ecuador’s elevation and climate (yes, there’s the ideal climate again), about one fourth of the world’s roses come from Ecuador. If you have a minute (or about three and a half to be more accurate) check out this awesome video about Nevado Roses (that’s John Nevado in the picture). It’s filled with information about the rose industry and how some Ecuadorians are working to make it better and more sustainable for the future! Enjoy your Valentine’s Day Ecuadorian style – with or without a Valentine!