It is Time for FUTBOL

i June 11 j News

Guess who’s heading to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil this year?  Well, 32 teams are going! Not too mention the millions of fans showing up to Brazil, and the perhaps billion or so that will tune in to watch the final match (if you can believe FIFA’s estimates of the last World Cup).  We are also glad that Ecuador has once again made it to the world’s largest stage!  Ecuador is one of six South American teams hoping to keep the championship in this continent. Ecuador qualified for its first two World Cups in 2002 and 2006, reaching the round of 16 in Germany before bowing out to England.

Someone to watch for: Antonio Valencia.  Soccer fans may recognize him from the Barclay’s Premier League shining as one of the starts of Manchester United and according to a recent study the fastest player on the planet. If you’re interested in seeing Antonio’s moves a little closer to home, he’ll be heading to The Big House (The University of Michigan’s stadium) on August 2nd to play with Man U against Real Madrid in a friendly match. 

We are ready for the World Cup, and when it starts on June 12th the entire world will be right there with you – cheering, shouting, crying, and dreaming about FUTBOL!