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i December 9 j Nature
Relax and Hot Springs

Ecuador is a country that will captivate you and a place where you can relax and become one with nature. One of our favorite site visits is to travel to Papallacta, a small mountain village famous for its natural thermal baths and hot springs. This village is located 40 miles from Quito. Traveling to this destination will make you feel in the set of a movie with an impressive and desolated Andean landscape, with eye catching rock formations, waterfalls, and a lagoon emerging in the midst of clouds.

To reach Papallacta, you actually take the path that was taken by the Spanish conquistador Francisco de Orellana in 1542. He used this route to cross the Andes mountains and later arrived and discovered the Amazon River.

The natural hot springs itself provide a relaxing and spiritual setting, which is covered by clouds in the early afternoon, giving this place the appearance of heaven on earth. The waters temperatures are between 30°C and 50°C. They contain several minerals that act as digestive and purgative regulators, stimulating the cardiovascular, diuretic and nervous system.