The Top of the World

i December 10 j Nature

Ecuador is a land of volcanoes. For many, a visit to Ecuador will not be completed without being captivated by the astonishing natural beauty of its dormant giant guardians. Ecuador's scenery has plenty to offer with 20 volcanoes along the Andes Mountains making this a unique destination

Traveling along the Occidental highway, you can appreciate several elevations and major geographic reference points. One of the most scenic and photographed volcanoes is "Cotopaxi" (highest active volcano in the world). At 17,000 feet above sea level, and sitting majestically above the horizon, this giant provides the city of Latacunga with unique character.

At the center of the Cotopaxi National park, a daily trip to this place allows all visitors to experience the cold paramo, and in some occassions with a watchful eye, enjoy the presence of fauna endemic of this park (red brocket deers, an Andean fox named Colpeo, pumas, white-tailed deer, llamas, and the Andean speckled bear).
 The national park offers you a magnificent view of this Andean landscape, mountains, and lakes, where tranquility and the true color of nature will definitely captivate any visitor.