Whale Watching in Ecuador

i July 1 j Nature
Humpback Whale

Wait a second!  Don’t go for a glass of water or a bathroom break.  This is not a commercial for Pacific Life insurance.  This is the real deal, and you can join us in Ecuador to enjoy this amazing spectacle.  Between June and October, Humpback whales are spending their time off the coasts of Ecuador and not in the waters near Antarctica.

“Scientists” claim that Humpback whales head to the warm waters off the coast of Ecuador and Columbia to breed.  Well, today, we propose a different hypothesis. We think there are a few other reasons that brings these creature away from the frigid waters of the south. 

First, we are pretty sure they just want to appreciate the magnificent coastline.  It’s pretty easy to catch these bathing beauties off of every site on the northern or central coasts of Ecuador.  We think they just want to put their fins up and relax like the rest of us at the beach.

Secondly, we think they may have come to Ecuador for the karaoke.   Humpback whales are known as the singer whales.  Their songs can last for 20 minutes, and males can sing for hours at a time trying to attract the lady whales.  Let’s hope these guys don’t get on the stage at one of the bars. We all hate a mic hog.

And finally, we think the whales come to dance.  Humpback whales are famous for their breaching, or jumping out of the water to splash down again.   These whales want to get down, and once they hear the fantastic music in Ecuador, they can’t help but take flight with the dexterity and eloquence of a ballerina. 

Seriously though, checking out the whales off the coast of Ecuador is just one more fantastic thing to do while in this amazing country.  Come check them out.