Raul (Senior)

Raul Senior

Raul (Senior) is also part of the My Ecuador Trip team. Many participants describe him as the soul of the program, with a personality that engages our guests from the moment they arrive. Raul brings a lot to My Ecuador Trip team, accompanying the group in our daily adventures, providing rich input with regards to local traditions, and making sure participants experience the best of Ecuador. In the past, Raul has helped My Ecuador Trip to secure partnerships with local organizations to sponsor our volunteer trips. Raul is certainly an asset when asked for help when designing itineraries, discovering new adventures, and seeking experiences that truly bring participants closer to the local culture. Constantly, with the company of Catalina (his wife), they travel across Ecuador and find new destinations for our participants to explore in future trips. He can be of great help finding our way in remote locations in the countryside and will certainly help you enhance your Spanish skills!